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Hot Pizza Ass with Erin Darling Torralva

Jan 25, 2021

Comedian Erica Rhodes joins the podcast to talk about love, loss, and of course, laughter. 


Erica is the best comedian I've been in a car accident with. She has had a successful career doing stand up and performing, starting with appearances on "A Prairie Home Companion" alongside actors like Alison Janney, Martin Sheen and Meryl Streep. Since then she's toured the world, and released her album "Sad Lemon" and appeared on NBC's "Bring The Funny."


We talk about what it's like recording a stand up special during the pandemic, which she did this Summer at the Rose Bowl. And life during lockdown, including our adventures going to get oxygenated baths and toilet paper right before everything changed.


We also talk about the tough parts of pandemic, including saying goodbye to loved ones. Finding closure in difficult situations. And what we've learned about grief and love.


We also give advice on dating, navigating toxic relationships and dodging men who have “your best interest” at heart. If a guy says this to you, RUN.


Also, career advice! How to collaborate with your friends and how to make teamwork actually work, and not freaking out on your business partners. How to find effective partnerships with co-writers and managers. How to keep momentum in creative projects, and why it's important to turn hope into celebrations.


Oh and the what to do if you get into a car accident right before a pitch meeting!


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  • Watch us in "The Pitch" (which we filmed before pitching our own projects)
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