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Hot Pizza Ass with Erin Darling

Jul 18, 2022

Writer and mental health professional Dani Druz joins the podcast to educate us about Cluster B personality types and how they relate to trauma and addiction. Also, we talk about how to create an intriguing IG persona, answer your questions, and give astrology advice for your hot girl (or boy) summer with our new game...

Jun 20, 2022

A comedian's take and experiences surrounding the rising gas prices.



  • How gas prices are affecting comedians, and relationships
  • A horror story - driving 5 hours to do 5 minutes of comedy
  • Long distance relationships (AKA anyone 20 minutes away)
  • Tips and tricks

  • Thank you to...

Jun 6, 2022

Host, actress, and podcaster Jaclyn Marfuggi Caprio joins Hot Pizza Ass to talk about her new show, "Where Should We Eat?" She also dishes on the best spray tan tips, lessons learned while planning a wedding, and we give all the best food tips for your next brunch, date, or night out in Los Angeles.


Mar 13, 2022

Ever wonder why adult friendships are so hard to make and maintain? Alex, Chloe, and Allison of the Traumedy Podcast join the show to break down the 7 year friendship rule, and the difficulties of navigating relationships with others. Together we establish the 10 commandments of adult friendships.





The 10...

Dec 20, 2021

Comedian, podcaster and writer Jessica Michelle Singleton joins the podcast to talk about raising your standards, expectations, and prices in this episode about taking everything to the next level from career, to communication, and comedy.
  • Expressing yourself
  • Dealing with trolls and misogyny 
  • Saying...