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Hot Pizza Ass with Erin Darling Torralva

Jun 24, 2020

Anna Gudmundson has studied stress and anxiety as technology leader of BioSelf, the company that developed Sensate - a wearable device that tracks and decelerates stress in real time. In this episode we speak about stress, self-love, the mind body connection, and why it's important to recognize and manage stress now more than ever.



We also discuss lessons she's learned on her path to becoming a leader in her field including - rising the ranks in the male dominated tech industry, and how she confronts unconscious bias, and sexism, how knowing those biases can help you, why we need more women in leadership and mentorship positions, and how to protect yourself as a young woman when men disguised as mentors don't have the best intentions.


Also, how identifying patterns in life that aren't working and finding solutions is a form of self love. And how to change the way we see insecurity by accepting it as part of normal life to make it less scary.