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Hot Pizza Ass with Erin Darling Torralva

Apr 4, 2020

This week I'm joined by writer, comedian, and dating expert Gabi Conti to answer your questions about relationships and dating right now during this time of social distancing and quarantine.
Topics include: what to do if you manifest anxiety differently than your partner, how to stay connected or "date" right now if you're lonely (not in person), how to gauge interest from people you're talking to right now, how to stay connected with friends or family if you're feeling isolated, and tips on how to deal if you're going through a quarantine break up, and the bright side of living with your family or friends right now.
Resources: 30 dates in 3 days:
Using pre-date on the phone to screen your dates:
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We're also joined by Spencer Saylor of Wizard of Za to talk about what he's doing to provide pizza to Youngstown Ohio right now during the time of quarantine. Check out his IG at @wizardofza to order pizza!
Congratulations to Jack Tyler, winner of my pizza party giveaway! Thank you for your entry!
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