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Hot Pizza Ass with Erin Darling Torralva

Apr 18, 2020

“I’m disabled. I don’t have feet. I have a manual wheelchair. I’m fat. I’m Afro-Latina. You don’t get to see women like me in roles that are sexy, fun and powerful. The showcase is about casting directors and making that first impression. It was important for me to come across that way" - A quote from comedian Danielle Perez in the article in the LA Times this week that chronicled her journey from CBS Diversity Showcase, the opportunities it led to, and how she's dealing now that everything is on hold due to a worldwide pandemic. Danielle is inspiring, vivacious, and hilarious, and I'm so happy she joined us this week on Hot Pizza Ass to talk to us about how she's dealing as an extrovert in a time that requires introversion, how she did a social distancing photoshoot for the LA Times, how she's spending her time right now cooking and indulging in a bomb skin care routine (yes, we get details!). We also swap Korean spa stories, being comfortable in your body, embarrassing networking stories, industry lessons learned, and how social media has changed and becoming super entertaining during the times of the pandemic, and of course, pizza!
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