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Hot Pizza Ass with Erin Darling Torralva

Dec 7, 2020

You might know Lisa D'Amato from America's Next Top Model, or Shark Tank, but she's also using her voice and platform to raise awareness for political topics. Her Pole-itics videos on IGTV have gone viral on Instagram talking about the election, Social Dominance Orientation, and climate change. She tells us why she's mobilizing her fanbase for issues that matter.


She also speaks out about her experience on Season 5 of America's Next Top Model, and what actually went down in the house when she was being called an "alcoholic bitch" by her peers (which did not age well at all if you go back and watch her season). How she felt her childhood trauma was used against her, and what led up to the infamous diaper incident. She's telling her side of the story that she's finally starting to feel comfortable talking about after years of being bullied about her controversial appearance on the show, and on All Stars, where she came back for victory.


We also discuss her experience on Celebrity Rehab with Mindy McCready, Mackensie Phillips, Mike Starr (Alice in Chains), Dennis Rodman, and Tom Sizemore. What she learned from Dr. Drew, and her advice for anyone overcoming trauma or going on a reality TV show, and how to make the best out of any situation - which if you know Lisa, this is where she truly excels.


  • Overcoming judgement from others
  • Earning the trust of your followers
  • Behind the scenes of ANTM All Stars
  • Ketamine treatments
  • Mushrooms
  • Being a Mom in quarantine
  • Celebrity Rehab
  • Breaking the cycle of family trauma
  • Recovering from eating disorders
  • Becoming an entrepreneur with her product, Dare You Go





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