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Hot Pizza Ass with Erin Darling Torralva

Aug 1, 2020

Can you believe that the last time we spoke to Epidemiologist Dr. Shover was in April? She joins the podcast again to answer more of your submitted questions about COVID 19. Full episode up on Patreon for subscribers only. Sign up here!


This episode's themes are centered around misinformation and how our lives are changing the further we get into this pandemic. We talk about how to safely take a road trip, how to plan your trips around public restroom closures, ways to pick a safe(ish) destination if you have to travel during this time. Should we be concerned that coronavirus data is now going directly to the White House? Are COVID parties a myth? The connection between long term side effects, and what to look out for if you've tested positive for COVID 19. Why is Florida pausing Coronavirus testing? Will we ever have across the board free testing? Should schools be opening in the fall? Does Hydroxychloroquine prevent COVID?