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Hot Pizza Ass with Erin Darling Torralva

Mar 27, 2020

Carlos Santos grew up in Puerto Rico with no family members in entertainment - he had to blaze his own trail and figure out how to navigate a career as a performer which led him to hosting gigs on MTV Tres, a career in comedy, and now he's on "Gentefied" on Netflix. He was also my co-star in "Border Patrol" which has had a very successful festival run - I had a blast working with Carlos, he's a very talented performer, a great friend, and I'm so proud of him and happy to have him on the podcast. Our conversation covers a lot of ground, and we talk a lot about growth, including: How life changes and energetic shifts brought him a new mindset and fresh start, how shedding things that don't serve can you lead to positive change, how he made the scary decision to leave a successful career as a host and make the transition to acting and comedy, and why it's so important to appreciate the good things when they happen. We also get an IG Live call from Russell Simmons for 2 seconds who wanted to tell us about "Healing The Hood Through Comedy" with DefComedy Jam, but connectivity interfered. It's still a cool moment though!
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