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Hot Pizza Ass with Erin Darling Torralva

Oct 29, 2020

"I'm making white man money now, ya'll" - Gloria Calderon Kellett, and possibly my favorite quote of all time.


Did you know Latinas in high wage occupations (over $100k/year) make 58 cents to the dollar compared to that of their white, male colleagues (according to Luz Collective). Writer, producer, and co-showrunner of "One Day at a Time" Gloria Calderon Kellet joins the show for Latina Equal Pay Day to bless us with career and money advice, partnered with a healthy dose of inspiration and inclusive conversation. 


How do we bring more diversity and equality to Hollywood? We discuss.


  • Knowing what you're worth.
  • End #Latinxclusion and holding Hollywood accountable for more diversity
  • How she got started in the industry and her advice for up and comers
  • Deep hustle
  • Navigating challenges in the workplace
  • The cultural impact of "One Day at a Time"
  • The importance of creating community
  • How to save time as a writer in Hollywood
  • What NOT TO DO for actors and writers


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