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Hot Pizza Ass with Erin Darling Torralva

Feb 24, 2020

Why are people so afraid to talk about money? On this episode of Hot Pizza Ass, I'm joined by writer, actor, and cam girl Danika Maia who is here to shed some light on the topic and give financial advice on how she built a business, and simple tools that anyone can use to start investing. Danika went from a career in journalism covering sex work, to a career monetizing sexuality as a dancer and cam girl - we discuss why she made this change, how it's affected her life, and how owning your content and being your own boss has led her to more creative and financial freedom that ever before. If you've ever been overwhelmed at the thought of investing, or think you don't possess the knowledge on how to make your money make money, this episode is for you.
Topics include: How to monetize your creativity, how to navigate judgement in non-traditional career paths, how to make enough cash flow to where you can set aside money for your future, sugar daddy culture, why we need to stop allowing and consuming violence in sexualized media, the pervasiveness of advertisement in media and content culture, and why we don't pay for art anymore.
Danika's links:,,
Resources for investing: Acorns App, Robin Hood App, CoinBase App,