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Hot Pizza Ass with Erin Darling Torralva

May 19, 2020

Romance isn't dead, but date night has definitely changed. Zach Harper (The Athletic, NBA Radio Sirius XM) joins the podcast for a conversation about pandemic date nights and to take too long to make his coffee RIGHT AS WE STARTED RECORDING THE PODCAST.



But I digress. This episode of the podcast is for couples and singles to give you romantic inspiration, and ideas for connection, even though you're quarantined. 


  • Creative date ideas with your quarantine S/O
  • Easy ways to break pandemic monotony while still staying socially distant and safe
  • Date ideas for people you're connecting with online
  • How the economy of dating is changing, and why that's probably a good thing
  • How to FLEX (digitally) and impress the girl, or guy


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