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Hot Pizza Ass with Erin Darling Torralva

Aug 31, 2020

Erin and Karamo reunite after almost a decade from when they initially met as part of a mentorship program at The LGBT Center! Get your tissues and your notebooks ready, this episode is full of gems on life, career, and inspiration. We talk about his journey from social work to becoming a TV host on OWN, to landing his big break as the culture expert on Netflix's Queer Eye.


Topics include:


- Getting cast on Queer Eye and how he took being the culture expert on the show and gave it a whole new spin on wellness and development from the inside out. What it's like working with people on the show, helping them transform, and what happens when people aren't ready for change.


- Change. How to embrace it and what he's learned about fear.



- Don't be afraid of a no!


- Giving yourself the permission to suck.



- How to handle rejection and use it for good and not internalize failure.


- Why cultural education is so important so we can all do better when it comes to understanding race, sexuality and gender.



- Why cancel culture is the past and counsel culture is the future.



- Being mixed race (he's Jamaican and Cuban) and embracing both sides of your culture.



- How to set intentional boundaries based on what you can give that day.


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