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Hot Pizza Ass with Erin Darling Torralva

May 31, 2021

Orlando Leyba is a talented comedian and writer, you've seen him on HBO Latino with his special "Adorable" or on the Tonight Show. We talk about his comedy journey - the story of how he started, the importance of staying positive and not taking anything too personally, and lessons learned from strong women. Also, the biggest tips he has for anyone starting out as a comic.


  • Thriving in the pandemic
  • Being a positivity connoisseur
  • What his mom and grandmother taught him that changed life
  • The importance of common sense
  • His advice on what every comics should know when they are first starting out
  • Finding your comedy crew 
  • The story behind the name of his special, "Adorable"


  • Watch Orlando's special "Adorable" on HBO
  • Folllow Orlando on IG and Twitter for show dates and road gigs


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