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Hot Pizza Ass with Erin Darling Torralva

Mar 3, 2020

Tierney Allen is a world renown performer who has built a successful 10 year career out of impersonating Lady Gaga, including joining the cast of Legends - the longest running show in Las Vegas. Tierney and Erin have a long running friendship that spans all the way back to middle school - where they were both members of competitive dance teams at a prestigious performing arts magnet. Together they recall the highlights and horrors of pre-pubescence and puberty including - becoming hyper-aware of your body and the way other people judge you, eating disorder culture and body-shaming in the dance community, how being a competitive performer as a young age can affect your self-confidence (in good and bad ways), bullies and bullying, first feelings of depression, and how confusing and embarrassing it can be when you suddenly blossom into womanhood, and why she doesn't say the word fat around her daughter.
Middle school is one of the most confusing and difficult times of your life, and in this truly unique episode of the podcast, two old friends get to look back at those times together with acceptance and healing in one of the most heartfelt and honest episodes of Hot Pizza Ass yet.
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