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Hot Pizza Ass with Erin Darling Torralva

May 30, 2020

On this special live episode of Hot Pizza Ass we discuss the current state of America this week. Although we had a very different show planned, I felt it was unethical to proceed with the show as is, and instead we recorded this episode addressing the issues we are collectively experiencing across the country.


These are uncomfortable conversations to have, and for some people to hear. That's why we felt the need to have them on this episode. Thank you for listening.


Topics include: Police brutality, protests over the murder of George Floyd, the White House on lockdown, the lack of accountability, failing leadership, Amy Cooper falsifying events over a 911 call in an attempt to punish Christian Cooper for asking her to put a leash on her dog, celebrity involvement in these issues, social media strain, oppression, racism, and why it's so important to use your voice, your dollars (if possible), and your vote to make a difference.