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Hot Pizza Ass with Erin Darling Torralva

May 18, 2020

Philosophy professor Dr. Gwendolyn Dolske and Rudy Salo of Good Is In The Details Podcast ask their guests, "What does it mean to live life well?" In these trying times, I thought it would be perfect to bring their love of wisdom to Hot Pizza Ass where we can shoot the shit about what it's like living through a pandemic, but also dig into the philosophical aspects of "Love is Blind" and "90 Day Fiance" - we've got range.


Also, what it's like being a new mother in quarantine - taking advantage of the government mandated break, and editing out baby farts from podcast episodes. Zombie films and outbreak narratives, and how it's similar to our current reality. "Love is Blind" on Netflix - and lack of body types or age range - could they have done better? My theory on how TLC's "90 Day Fiance" unexpectedly combats xenophobia. The hot mess of getting tested for Covid in LA County right now. Examining how the influx of free quarantine content might be devaluing entertainment. Asking the difficult questions of escapism - are we all going to turn into alcoholics after this? And the power of podcasting.




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